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The Very Idea

      Mr. N.M. Pillai’s close association with Dr. M.R. Rajagopal, Chairman Pallium India Trivandrum and his team was instrumental to start a palliative care unit in Kollam.  Dr. M.R Rajagopal, a retired Professor of Anesthesia was termed  as the father of Palliative Care in India by Newyork Times in one of its editorial in 2008. Mr Vijayakumar a native of Palghat -  a former bank official and whole time volunteer of Pallium India helped a lot in the formation of Pain & Palliative Care Trust Kollam. Then, not many have heard of Palliative Care here. It was at a time neither the government nor any social organization was responded to the call of palliative care at Kollam.

First Meeting and follow-up

      In the meeting of Anesthetists held on 19th March 2007 at IMA Hall Kollam invited Mr. N.M. Pillai to deliver a lecture on Palliative Care. The support of Dr. C.V. Prathapan, President of the Anesthetist Association and Dr. R. Prakash of Sanker’s Hospital were behind this initiative. Another meeting of enthusiastics was called on 28th March 2007 at the VAPSA Bldg near IOC Petrol Pump. Mulankadakom, Kollam. About 32 people representing a cross section of the public attended the meeting. A powerpoint video presentation by a team led by Dr. M.R. Raja Gopal could convince the meeting about the urgency of starting a Palliative Care Unit in Kollam District. Dr. M.R. Rajagopal Convinced the Participants that Palliative care is a field where the patient, the family, the society, the science and the medical community as such have to join together to alleviate the sufferings of the patients and it is high time that we started a palliative centre here. The meeting elected a nine member core group and entrusted them to prepare a blue print and execute the work. Mr. N.M. Pillai was elected as the District Co-ordinator in the meeting.

      The Core Committee again met on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4 on 4th April and Authorised Mr. N.M. Pillai to prepare a draft of the trust deed to be registered.

      On 2 On 2 On 2nd July the core committee members assembled, discussed and approved the draft of the Trust Deed and elected a five member founder Board of Trustees. They are…

Chairman   -           Dr. C.V. Prathapan
                              (Former Director of Health Services Kerala State)

Vice Chairman-     Dr. Rani Santha Kumari
                              (Former District Medical officer, Kollam)

Secretary   -           N.M. Pillai (N.Mohanan Pillai)
                              Social Worker

Chairman Emeritus-           Vadayathu B. Rajeswari Amma
                              (Banglore) Philanthropist

Treasurer   -           Dr. Praveen G Pai
                              Geriatrician & Palliative Care Physician

On 1st of October 2007 the Trust Deed was officially registered as a public charitable trust. The register No: 420/IV/2007. The First Board Meeting was held at the Premises of Dr. Rani’s Clinic Chinnakkada where Trust’s first out-patient clinic started functioning since May 2007.

Recognition by the Drugs controller of Kerala.

            Recognised Medical Institution status under the Kerala Narcotic Drugs & psychotropic substances Rules 1985, possession of Morphine Tablets for Pain & Palliative Care Trust  was approved as per Order No. SI 6319./07/DC, Thiruvananthapuram dated 5/12/2007.

            Proceedings of the Drugs controller, Kerala State is annexed.

 Morphin allotment  for the year 2013, annexed.